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This connector is unique, innovative and unlike any heavy duty connector in the marketplace. Providing a live voltage reading of your power connection simply by touching the 'Power' Symbol on the Smart- Touch LCD display screen. The voltage reading illuminates blue, easy to read during the day and highly visible at night.

The voltage reading will turn off automatically after 30 seconds and will only turn 'On' when the 'Power' symbol on the LCD Display is touched.

KT 50Amp Heavy Duty Connector with Voltmeters are ideal for a variety of Automotive, Marine Camping and Solar applications and can be mounted permanently to a flat surface simply using 2 screws. Eg; In the rear of a 4x4 where Solar Panels can be connected when camping.

Another innovative point of difference is it's waterproof LCD Display, allowing it to be used for heavy duty applications where water may come in contact with the LCD touch screen. Manufactured from durable Polycarbonate, this innovative connector proves to be the ideal solution for 12V applications being used in a variety of rugged environments and weather conditions. This connectors design also allows it to be paired with traditional 50 Amp Heavy Duty Connectors.

For the ideal power connection, 8B&S cable is recommended. The Nickel-Plated Copper Pins allow for the ultimate, secure power connection.

Weight : 45gm
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Features :
Provides live voltage reading via Smart-Touch LCD Display.
Reading appears with Touch & turns ‘Off Automatically after 30 seconds
Voltage Display illuminates blue
Ideal for 4x4, Camping, Caravan, Marine & Solar applications.
Waterproof LCD display (IP67 Rated)
Voltage : 12 Volts at 50 Amps
Suits Cable Size : 8B&S (8mm)
Pin Material : Nickel Plated Copper
Can connect with traditional Grey 50Amp Heavy Duty Connectors.