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Gone are the days of flooded engines and manual chokes to get your car started, but that pesky battery still has a habit of failing at the most inconvenient of times. This unit is amazing. Barely larger than a smartphone, and probably even lighter, but packs a huge power punch to get your car started. With a peak current available of 400 amps, it’s powerful enough to get just about all but a tank running. Of course, sometimes emergency phone power is just as important as starting a car, so a 5V 2A USB port is provided to get you powered back up. It even includes a cigarette lighter socket charging adaptor, so it never has to leave your car (just remember to charge it when your battery is NOT flat!). In case it’s dark, it also incorporates a clever high-power LED, which can operate as a torch or flashing warning light. These devices are now so reliable that similar ones are used by roadside service operations instead of jumping from their own vehicle! If you have more than one vehicle in your family, one for each is a very sound idea.

Features :
- High Capacity Lithium Battery
- Emergency USB Power Source
- High Power LED Light

Weight : 670gm
Shipping Costs ;

Output 1 :
Output 2 : 12V 200A (400A peak) Jump Starting
Battery Capacity : 7500mAh
DC current rating : 200A
DC Voltage : 12V
LED Light : Yes
Cigarette lighter socket output : No
Battery status indicator : No
Type : Lithium Polymer
Mains rechargeable : Yes
12V rechargeable : Yes
USB rechargeable : Yes
Solar Rechargeable : No
Battery Watt Hour Rating (Required for Lithium Batteries) : 27.75Wh
Warranty : 1yr
Dimensions :
Battery Pack : L 130 x W 70 x H 25 mm
USB to Type-C / Micro USB / Lightning Cable : L 230mm
Cigarette Lighter Adaptor : H 60 x Dia 25 mm
Jumpstarter Attachment Cable Length : 350mm
Weight : 271gm